Thursday, March 13, 2008

Willendorf Goes Wild

Do you recognise this woman?

Her name is Marija Gimbutas. She was a Professor of Archaeology and author of the book The Language of the Goddess on Neolithic religion. It was thanks to Gimbutas and her contempories that the concept of a Mother Goddess was unearthed and filtrated out into our Western Consciousness. We discovered that women of Sumerian age ran business, inherited property and believed in the fertility Goddess Ishtar/Innana.

Marija Gimbutas discovered a whole new language that existed prior to the Rosetta Stone, Greek, Egyptian & Phoenician text. The Neolithic & Paeolithic period was her focus and her Archeological leadership.

The concept of a life giving fertile Goddess was her story. Next to her is the Venus of Willendorf. A voluptuous and grounding earth mother. This whole story seems to bring me down to earth. I feel proud to be a woman.

But that story is short lived. Cos there's another world out there. The Post, Post Feminist One.

The one where the Willendorf is going Wild.

Hey Willendorf, You Go Girlfriend!

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