Saturday, September 5, 2009


The Phoenix rose, reborn from the ashes. The golden and warm, firey bird elvolving from the ibis, water bird of the riverbed.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Full Moon Billboard

Raindance is Coming.


Jung says that deep within our shadows we find our hidden treasure.

This is the Raindance Reservoir. The Raindance is coming.

The first coins

The Raindance is coming.


There is a genie in this bottle.

I dare you to open it.

Aphrodite's Fountain

Its spring time at Aphrodite's fountain. Time to cleanse yourself anew for the season.

Upon bathing, wherever Aphrodite goes, is the flow of swirling fertility, from her finger tips to her toes. Flowers bud and bloom. She is the Goddess of Love and just her presence is enough to open hearts.

The fountain of life begins, as life begins, with water upon a seed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Golden Esculator

Going up out of the underworld. Elevate out of your shadow, your dark side, your deepest fears.

Spirit Eye

My serpent of my eye creates.

Feed Me

The Garden of Home, Feeds.

My body is a fruit of this garden

She said. My body a the fruit of this garden.

Dancing under the full moon

Maiden Asks for New Arms

She felt like a mannequin doll, the handless maiden. Her spirit drained from her body, leaving but a painted face. She could parade so well. Pink blush, red lips.
She asked for new arms. Please kind sir, may I have new arms?
They are your arms, he replied. Do as you wish.