Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Chicks

Its official, Ive done the test 'which sex & the city character are you' and Im Miranda. I always knew I would be but I guess I had to see it in black and white for myself to truly accept my fate.

There was an episode where Miranda has problems signing legal paperwork to own property because she does not have a husband. All the pressure from the bank leads to an anxiety attack about dying in her new apartment and having her face eaten off by cats. I understood where she was coming from.

And yes, I thought Sex & the City was cool too. But these days Im not so sure.

I mean, lets break down the story. Four single career women in the Big Apple. All living alone and enjoying a consumerist lifestyle of fashion, nightclubs, martini's and lots of shoes. Every day these highly liberated women get together for lunch to discuss how much sex they're having, who is dating who, whether he called last night and most importantly... is he the One?

And four, five, six episodes in, what happens? They all get married.

Four single women, freely consuming men and life until one day they give in and get married. The end.

I cant help but wonder, if getting Carrie's voice out of my head requires a psychologist or a big dose of seratonin. Because somehow, I dont know if this was what 'the new booty box' was all about.

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