Sunday, March 23, 2008

Labour Shortage leads to Retirement Cut-backs

Today I discovered that the expected strain on our economy, from a labour shortage, due to an aging public and low birth rate, is expected to kick in around 2040. According to my calculations as a post-feminist, that puts me just over 60 - heading into retirement. Oh goody. Im looking forward to that.

This is a message to all women out there, you have my full permission to go out and get knocked up. Thank you.

earth mother. inner bloom.


Anonymous said...

i'm really enjoying your blog, bloom, but what about having a look at some of the reasons for the predicted labour shortage - the way our society is set up to place all of the responsibility for the unvalued work of reproduction with women - no wonder women with higher education are having fewer children - the more you learn about they way women and mothers are still devalued, the less you want to sign up for an ongoing role that's prolonged, exhausting, undervalued, excessively blamed for everything. nobody's asking the men to sign up for more child-rearing for the good of the country...

Hara said...

I totally agree with you, I am one of those women stalling on signing up to the unvalued work of reproduction.

I would love to see a rise in the value of motherhood.

(earth mother - inner bloom)

kate said...

hey hara!

I really like your blog too.

The devalued mother.

I am not reproductively inclined for a number of reasons but one of the most compelling may be that my motherly potential is crippling my ability to become one.

Why would i choose to bring a child into a world that is so set on destroying itself for the sake of a buck?

Mother earth would agree our economy is terminally flawed even before the labour shortage kicks in.

I wonder if the devaluation of mother earth preceded the devaluation of motherhood. Or vice versa. Chicken or the egg?

here's something that would be parents of today should consider; this is the legacy of our current economic model:

ps does veronica have a garden at her place?