Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Its a Landslide!

The official survey for Which One Are You - Betty or Veronica? has closed. The tally has been counted. And its a landslide!

35 women of all ages and walks of life have contributed by owning up to who out of the Archie comics they identified with - Betty or Veronica.

The results are in.

80% of women identified with Betty
20% with Veronica

Betty has been voted No 1 : Miss Rivervale 2008.

The question I am asking is how many entrants to this survey really wanted to be Veronica but wouldnt own up to it. And then, is Betty the Underdog?

Here are some of the comments to this competition. Thank you to all who came into the Temple of Bloom to share...

Question: Who out of the Archie Comics did you identify with - Betty or Veronica?

"Totally Betty"

"It was Betty... wasnt Veronica a spoilt Slag?"

"Betty- but I do recall my favourite edition was when Betty drove Archie crazy with lurve by getting a makeover everyday, leaving Veronica fuming in the background! Moral of the story male attention = self worth!"

"As a kid I wanted to be Veronica, brunette, boobs and money to blitz... but I identified more with Betty"

"I always wanted to be Betty, but now I want to be Veronica"

"I wanted to be a Veronica because she was rich and well dressed"

"Betty! Always Betty. Ronnie was a spoilt pain in the butt. Being rich would have been nice though

"I think Im Big Ethel. he he no Im Betty"

"...is this a trick question? I don't know who those characters are. ...But I did want to be Kimba the White Lion." DISQUALIFIED!

" I was a bit of both" DISQUALIFIED!

" I was Jughead"

"I preferred Veronica. Betty was unrealistically good! And Ive always been evil. he he"

"Hey with my hair colour and deeply goody goody nature, definitely Betty!"

"Always Veronica, she seemed to have all the power. Same age-old options for women - Are you the girl they want to shag or the girl they want to marry?"

"I mean with an outfit like that, of course I want to be Veronica!!"

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Owl said...

Mr Kutsik stated "Veronica is dirty.."
and "Betty is Boring"