Saturday, March 15, 2008

Getting Lost...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that I feel pretty lost as a woman right now.

(rocket scientists supposedly know a lot)

It is true - Im confused.

I guess when I was younger I felt pretty clear that I was a feminist. Equal rights, and all that. Get a career, get married at 30, buy a house with a garden, have some babies. There seemed to be a plan... to Have it All.

To be honest, I am post feminist and I am pissed off. This goal seems way bigger than Im capable of. I have no idea how to find balance amongst all these things. I think Having it All can go and get stuffed.

Im tired.

I want a break from it All. I would like to go on a holiday for post feminists, where I can eat what I want, wear what I want, point at my cellulite and pinch it lovingly saying 'arent you cute little hail damage'.

Id like to go on a tropical cruise where I drink pina coladas with little umbrellas in them. And wear big sunglasses. Id like to go into Post Feminism retirement, where the sun is always setting.

Does anyone have a roadmap here?

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