Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Art of Seduction 2

Bring out the Exotic Dancer in you!

It's easy. And Best of All... Its FREE!

In the second series of The Art of Seduction we are looking at an islander version, almost like a slow & deliberate tap dance this one is a short piece for the more fun and carefree woman, who likes to keep things simple.

The Art of Seduction 2 - The Booby Dance

Show him what you are made of*

1 Facing away from your partner, chest out, head up & arms to your side. Play hard to get, pretend you just dont see him.

2 Beginning with the right leg, lift your legs and display your your blue shoes, in a very slight kick.

3 Head up and to the side, step, kick, step kick, step kick, head to the other side and repeat, repeat. (4x4 tempo)

3 Turn to face your partner and prepare for the finale.

4 Looking him directly in the eye, abruptly lift your arms high above your head for a dramatic finish.

*note: this dance does require special blue shoes, contact The Art of Seduction at Bloom if you wish to know more.

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