Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Art of Seduction 1

Bring out the Exotic Dancer in you!

It's easy. And Best of All... Its FREE!

The Art of Seduction, has come down through the ages in many forms - the dance of Salome, the poledancing stripteaser or the gyrating grooves of a pop star. Now you too can become the seductress of your dreams from this series of three dance workshops.

We will explore dances from the 'wild' around the world that will guarantee you will never have to be alone.

The Art of Seduction 1 - The Peacock

Hypnotise your lover in this trance-like dance*

1 Face your partner, chest out, eyes forward & arms stretched out holding up your headress.

2 Beginning with the right leg, slowly lead your body in a full circle to the count of 8.

3 Once you are again facing your partner, take four steps forward and bow.

3 Returning back to the starting position, repeat the cycle in the opposite direction.

4 To complete the dance, raise your arms up above your head, closing your headress and slowly slide it down to your side.

*note: the finale is not available on this film, contact The Art of Seduction at Bloom if you wish to know more.

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