Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Art of Seduction 3

Bring out the Exotic Dancer in you!

It's easy. And Best of All... Its FREE!

In the third series of The Art of Seduction we are learning from the muse that inspired ballets from around the world. In honour of all those wedding ice sculptures, allow yourself to be enchanted...

The Art of Seduction 3 - Swan Waltz

For the Romantic Princess at Heart*

1 Facing your partner cheek to cheek.

2 Lifting up on to your toes, shimmy your upper body, whilst twirling together in a full circle.

3 Pulling back and head down, repeat on the other side.

4 Complete in a loving embrace.

*note: optional princess crown available, contact The Art of Seduction at Bloom if you wish to know more.

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