Monday, March 17, 2008


You may be wondering what Mary and her little blue blanket is doing on this blog. I mean, afterall, she is definately no feminist. The truth is, I invited her. I really like that heart bling she has hanging around her neck.

There is something interesting about the history of Mary, that happened in 1950, around the time that Wonder Woman and her healing 'purple ray' came into creation.

The Church changed her status.

She went from Mary, Mother of God, to: Mary Mother of God, Queen of the Heavens. In terms of her image this meant that she was now not just the human virgin vessel that gave birth to Jesus, she was actually raised up into the divine. She was Queen of the Heavens. (Up there with the Old Man)

It was the people who pushed the church for this. It was post second world war time and the masses were grieving. They were looking for compassion, love and humanities, all the qualities that Mary stood for. They wanted more of it.

I believe that Mary copped a fair bit during the feminist period. Pulled down from the sacrad ground she stood upon. Motherhood in my opinion has every right to be a respectable career in itself. In fact, bring in the men here, parenting is a career.

In the 80's Mary's status changed again. She became Mary Mother of God, Queen of the Heaven's and of the Earth.

As people became more and more aware of our rising environmental concerns, and the rape & pillage of our planet. Mary slipped, in her stylish blue blankey, into her age-old role of Earth Mother.

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