Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Secret

A while ago I was watching Kath & Kim. In the last scene, Kath says to Kim, 'What ya reading?'
'Oh its this book called The Secret, apparently it says if you wish for things long enough, you will get it'
'Oh really,' says Kath, 'I might try that. I need a new dishwasher.'

Thats the secret. If you wish for something long enough you wind up getting it.

And so here we have a bunch of post feminist women climbing the career ladder, with arsenal such as high heels and some Gucci, looking for a personal identity and in the meantime seeking the One.

Of course, if he's not the One, he can always become the My Biological Clock is Ticking and He Might Just Be The One.

Yep, thats right. The Mummy Trail.

And if you thought having a career and looking for Mr Right was hard work well, you had another thing coming. You now have everything you as a post feminist ever wanted... it all.

Congratulations, the Secret really does work.

If you wish for IT ALL long enough, you end up getting it.

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Rachel said...

Maybe this posst should also be LABELED 'pissed off'