Friday, March 14, 2008

Seeking The ONE

Hey Romeo, Where the F*** are Ya?

Seeking 'The One' is the romantic notion that there is one person out there who is perfect for you.

The old Knight in Shining Armour trick.

Problem is that this concept of the One is actually quite misleading. Unfortunately it is rare for someone to walk into a crowded room, lock eyes with a stranger and in a romantic reverie have found the One.

Most likely you started shagging the guy you got drunk with from work and through a cocktail of hormones and cheap wine begun to think he was the One. Or there was the One that you met at the bar who you discovered amazingly could ALSO speak piglatin, I mean hello! What a connection! You guys were just meant to be together. Or there was the big One, the guy who lived next door, it was a 'sign' - you just kept bumping into him.

One of the most attractive things about Romanticism is the pure mysteriousness of it all. The concept of the One seems to be just out of reach. There is this delicate, exquisite, deliciousness of the completely unavailable.

Of course, when he becomes available, and he farts on you in the morning and leaves his dirty towel on top of the dress you wanted to wear, the golden glow begins to wear off and you start to wonder if maybe the One is actually still out there.

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