Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Girls have Gone Wild

I was at work a few days ago, making myself a cup of tea when the 18 year old receptionist came in.

'How was your weekend?' she asked. 'I got so drunk. Omigod I was so drunk. I went out to Black Betty's and I was wearing this top that had these strips that went over my boobs and my boobs fell out. Three times. I had hickey's on my tits when I got home. From chicks! I had lipstick all over my boobs. I was soooo hungover. '

That's right. Girls Gone Wild had hit my suburban office.

It could just be that Im of another generation, or it could just be that I might be cranky about being post feminist but this poor bitch is post, post feminist, and maybe that is worse.

My grandma would say 'What is the world coming to' or maybe 'Get that Mary Magdalene out of here', but Im writing this blog because this morning tea episode was the very prompt that started me writing. What are women coming to? Im no grandma, but the Girls really have Gone Wild.

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