Thursday, May 1, 2008

evolution of an image

Power & Seduction
Today Ive chosen to look at three different sex icons from history. For some reason these three women have always been linked for me.
The first one is Mata Hari, an exotic dancer from France who was executed for espionage in the early 1900's. I remember reading once that she learnt the 'belly dance' from her grandmother, but I dont know if that was true. It was however the usual way that bellydancers founded their art.

I guess what has always fascinated me the most about sex icons like Mata Hari is their connections with high powered men. The art of seduction comes with it the social status of a high society woman. But seduction is a dangerous game to play.

The serpent from the Garden of Eden, seduced Eve with the temptations of glory, but revealed Death.

Marilyn Monroe is as Jung states 'the Eternal Maiden', will a man ever love me? was the question of this sex kitten. Marilyn, unfortunately was a victim. It was the very end of her, 'No man ever did know her'. The Art of Seduction is a fickle thing. It can hypnotise people into idolising an image but the pure forms of everyday compassionate connection & relationship stay out of reach.
Marilyn was the eternal maiden never the mother.
Marilyn, like Mata Hari was also associated with high powered men and knew the secrets of their politic games. Leading to a dark downward spiral.

And finally we have Madonna, and as I wrote yesterday this high powered seductrous is always on top. She was not the manipulated woman of Hari and she was not the victim Monroe. She has never let anyone beat her. She has taken the Art of Seduction, like a bull by the horns.

When I look at these three images of seduction I am wondering what comes next. What will the strip tease of the Goddess be like in the next wave?

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