Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mads - Always On Top

I guess when Like a Virgin came out I didnt realise that I was a willing subject to subconscious media messages. I had the Madonna leather wrist bands and the Madonna lace to tie up my hair.

Ive read that Madonna was inspired by Elvis the Pelvis and lets face it, she has sure done a good job at some pelvis action of her own.

Madonna has balls. There is no doubt about it she has used her sexuality to always keep her on top. She has climbed and climbed all the way up and stayed there. She is a creative artist and a kick arse business woman.

And the irony is that all the world likes to expose her weakness, her inner little Catholic girl crying out for her mum, her real mum - madonna snr, who died when she was only 5. Leaving her to try and win the affections of her preaching papa.

Im wondering is there a co-incidence that Madonna came into this world, with an inner desire to be on top, 'to own New York' the commercial centre of the world, and be a figure head admist the growing politics of our post feminist world?
She certainly has taken the 'inner masculine' models of success to the extreme. A single minded aggressive, nothing will stand in my way obsession for fame. And never, ever laying down for anyone. Always on top.

Like the Virgin, for the very first time.

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