Thursday, April 3, 2008

who's in charge?

To play like a man you have to fight like one. If you have ambition, if you want success, you need to join the Art of War.
Today I am wondering if to be a career woman and be taken seriously means I must hunt like Athena, warrior woman, the weaver of intellect. What happens if I want to wear a dress? Does that make me weak?
Are the masculine and feminine languages of business coming together as one?
Im a post feminist, and I do see women around me that embrace true femininity. Can I stand up in business, ask for my booty in return, with no need to play war or play weak.
I am wondering right now how I can play like a woman.
What does that look like?

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prada_whore said...

who's in charge? the one that has the better pair of shoes.