Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Women who changed the world pt 1

Ive been reading about the suffrogettes in Great Britain. I have to say I was moved by the story of Emily Davison, and so I decided to put on the Bloom blog.

Emily Davison was an active member of the militant Suffrogettes (WSPU - Women's Social & Political Union), who sacrificed her life in 1913 for the 'Votes for Women' cause.

By 1913 the WSPU had moved into some extreme protesting - chaining themselves to political buildings & monuments, being imprisoned, going on hunger strikes, setting buildings on fire, smashing windows and even recorded as having bombs as part of their artiliary.

In the picture below you can see Emily Davison the day she died. She threw herself in front of the Kings horse at the Derby Day race in 1913 and was trampled to death. I find it hard to believe that this 'soldier' for womens rights, gave up her life in her fight for our 'freedom'.

In the second picture is the funeral procession that followed her death in the streets of London.

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