Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mary is Mother. Pure.

Mary is in the image of a medieval garden. The Rose is Mary's floral symbol. The rosary - all the prayer roses in the garden.

The garden is the inner santuary. Where our spirit may bloom with inner flowering.

The Mother as Mary was sacred. She was worshipped. The feminine of the inner garden.

Mary however, was not dark, like Kali, or the Great Mother Goddess. She did not reside in the underworld or the land of death. Mary was pure. A virgin.

She was not the embodiment of the life-death cycle. Just the life. Just the springtime and the blooming. Just before the fruit. And there is no creative sex life force running in this image.

Mary does not dance the dance of the seven veils, she is instead wearing all 7 of them. Covered.

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