Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Serpent of the Eye

Here are some symbolic images of the serpents eye.

Firstly we have the Kundalini rising as the 'third eye' from Eastern mythology. The Life Force that powers through the energy centres of the body.

The pineal gland which is located at the position of the Third Eye contains cells that are identical to the retina in the human eye. The Third Eye is literally Inner Seeing.

Then from Ancient Egypt is the Serpent Goddess Wadjet, pictured also in the 'third eye position'. In the symbolic emblem of the Eye of Horus we also see Wadjet, influencing the sight of the Sacred Eye.

Beside this picture of the Snake Goddess of Knossos we have a piece of William Blake's Temptation of Eve. Standing beside the Tree of Good & Evil, sometimes represented as the Tree of Life, also symbolically represented as the Kundalini in other traditions. Here Eve and the First Woman is being seduced by the Eyes of the Serpent.

The Art of Seduction, is it good or evil?

Does the Serpent in the Eye, create?

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