Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jane was a little overdressed for their first date

I saw this on a greeting card the other day. Its funny.
It made me think about the dating world. Just how do women show up to the first date?
It seems to me that there is a 'liberated' sista who is just like the girls from Sex in the City who shows up composed and in control on the first date. "Im a modern woman, Ive got a career, Ive got money and Ive got freedom'. But as dates go on, and hormones swirl and flow through her body, lurking just below the surface is the Victorian mumma. Fully clothed in her white gown and flowing lace.
The polarity of 'Im a liberated woman', 'Marry me and have children', 'Im a liberated woman', 'Marry me and have children' is the strategy of the modern Art of Seduction. No wonder it doesnt feel that successful.
There has to be a more holistic way to show up on a date.

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Anonymous said...

Come think of it I think I was wearing a clean crisp white gown on our first date. oh well better early than never......maybe